I don't think I can answer that.

You don't need to know that.

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I want to live.


With a friend like you, one doesn't need enemies.


Danny did his best to comfort Eliot.

You're not as beautiful as my ex-girlfriend, but you're a lot more fun to hang out with.

Deborah had a little too much.

Nobody said this would be easy.

If it had not been for civil war, they would be wealthy now.

This book isn't too bad.

She has a new boyfriend.

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The teacher and I sat down face to face.

Believe whatever you wish.

Rocket technology improved during World War Two.

What do you think of censorship?

Do you like chocolate chip cookies?

You're finally going to be a June bride, aren't you?

He kissed his daughter on the forehead.


I don't like suck-ups.

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Teriann goes to the market, but Charley doesn't.


Now let's get down to work.

He is a politician in all senses.

Blair doesn't want to go to school today.

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Kolkka has joined a laughter club and his stress levels have decreased significantly.

The fluorescent light was faulty and flickered on and off intermittently.

This is so disappointing.

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I don't think I'll ever retire.

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He knows neither me, nor you.


Don't let her distract you.

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Stop texting me!


I'm drinking orange juice.

The record stands at 254,321 points.

My hard drive is almost full.


Will you be in Boston this weekend?

Yvonne told me you were crazy.

You thought I wouldn't notice?


Comments have a mysterious way of getting lost in the vastness of Tatoebastan.

Masanobu didn't turn up after all.

What exactly are you trying to do?

We have to get him to a doctor.

Some children broke the window, which made Mother very angry.

Dan wasn't even interested in baseball.

I think Gunnar is hiding something.


Lum is not like that all the time.

We often come across Japanese tourists in this area.

An old man spoke to me on the street.

Leaves grow on branches.

Do you really love him?

Is it OK if I go out with him?

How many books do you think you've read so far?


My house is big.

I think it all ended well.

Barrett lost his temper and hit Rudolph.


There were a lot of people who came to ask after the famous actress.

Everything seemed to go wrong with me.

Are you looking for Jochen?

Esperanto adjectives always end in a.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and when I came back I wrote the essay myself.

The most visible forms of aggression are often seen between prey and predator.

I'm sorry that I had been viewing you as a liar until just a few minutes ago.

Shaunae Miller won the gold medal in a dramatic fashion after diving at the finish line.

Josip is offensive.

Nine FIFA officials have been arrested and charged with racketeering and bribery.

It's not very fun.

We're not the enemy.

Everyone's looking at you.

Have you ever had a baby?

Is there much snow here in the winter?

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I'm glad that I still live here.

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Mom, Rupert won't share with me!


He was bored with his family.


This is going to be very expensive.

The father and the son will be tried for homicide.

How do you assess your students?

I went with them so that I could guide them around Nagasaki.

Sehyo got into a fight at school today.

This temple is famous for its cherry blossoms.

Not only did they ignore the protest, they also lied to the press.

A new school of fiction has grown up.

Terry can help.

There was a photograph of Dan hanging above the bed.

The devil is not so black as he is painted.

Loving who hates us sets us free.

They went by without saying 'hello'.

I know how stressful that kind of situation can be.

How many times do I have to explain this to you?

Flour is made into bread.

Can I have my knife back?


Courses in Ladino from the 8th of November.


The servant swept the floor.

I know you've been worried about Tuna.

Noam is a lot better.


These shoes don't fit anymore.

In America, there's a direct study of books.

He seems to be very fond of the boy.


When he writes, he always keeps a dictionary at hand.

They can't handle reality.

He's tough on crime.

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I wish I had bought stock in that company last year.

The teacher told the boy not to make noise.

I don't notice any difference.


What place did you see?

Admit it, we're lost.

Her health isn't equal to that heavy task.

This museum has a magnificent collection of modern art.

Troll Wall is the tallest European vertical rock wall. It rises a mile from the ground, of which 3,300 feet is a vertical cliff.

I didn't see anyone using it.

I am handsome?


It was embarrassing.


Magnus hasn't done anything yet.

Natraj will be here in a few minutes.

How many Santas are there?

Donald doesn't like people who speak ill of others.

I know everything now.

This is the first time I've drunk this.

I was hoping you'd say that.

We have time on our side.

When she saw that they had no schools, she started one.


Write it down here, please.


I will give you my red shoes if you will give him back to me.


Why might he have done that, I wonder?

If you had come today, I would have given you a thousand francs.

Buy (it)!

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I like people who use language beautifully.


We all had hope.

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She's probably just gone to visit her parents.

When he finds out, he won't be happy.

It seems perfectly reasonable.

Her calm judgement ensured us from accidents.

Wolf didn't get to school in time.

Can you tell me who sold them to you?

Who would've cared?

Pierre's new outfit is guaranteed to turn heads.

Nou is going to win.

This company makes money by selling your private information to third-parties.

I've decided to go by train.

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You have to turn to the history and go a few centuries back to the Renaissance era, to Leonardo da Vinci, in order to find as fascinating a man who not only dilettante, but with a genius working in many different fields.


His pride did not allow him to take the money.

It's best if you can read the source material before seeing a movie.

He has been on a diet for two months.

About what time?

The company should give back something in return for this service.

That would've been entertaining.

Dori isn't as fat as he used to be.

I was hungry, so I ate it.

I acknowledge it to be true.

Curtis gets annoyed when Rodney straightens up his towel after he's hung it up.

Things were better then than now.

The patient is on a steady road to recovery.

Jiri's life was spared.


Ricardo is an obsessive fan of Alison.


You do work a lot.

When a native speaker of Japanese says, "You talk like geisha," he's telling you you're not hip to the extra-grammatical dimensions of his language.

Lots of companies have implemented an eight-hour working day.


Who's your daddy?

A convent is a place of retirement for women who wish for leisure to meditate upon the sin of idleness.

They're speechless.

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I don't want Takayuki anywhere near me.