Learning languages is interesting.


That threw adequate light on his feelings toward her.

I've got a partner.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say that.

I steal it from you.

The actress made her debut when she was eight.

I really am glad you're here.

He forgot to feed the dog.

Why were you with him?

Jack's problem is that his wife spends more than he earns.

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Old looks the same as before.


Ima is fairly plain, but Rafael thinks she's the bee's knees.

Jeanne has broken the record.

Murph doesn't seem to care anymore.

I met her on my way home.

I've never seen you like this before.

All but three of the cars in the parking lot were white.

Excuse me, where's the Ladies?

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You have to get closer.

They were fighting.

Sally is going blind.

There is much furniture in this room.

I was afraid of making the first move.

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You stole my idea.

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Who was it?

They killed him.

Get to work.

It is a beautiful car, but it is not worth the price that I paid for it.

They are disappointed with each other.

Eli wants to know what's going on.

I am working to save for my college tuition.

It rained five days on end.

There's some pain.

What's your favorite non-electrical gadget?

I love the way you talk.


This house was on the market for three years before it sold.

We must decide.

Some people don't like chickens.

The ship's mission is to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Hares have long ears.

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A hare stopped in the clover and swinging flowerbells and said his prayer to the rainbow through the spider's web.

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I don't care for sports.

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We did succeed.

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Barbara stole my watch.

The advisory board had a lot of qualms about her latest album, which she ended up releasing independently.

"I swear this trash is so overrated it makes me sick." "You like?" "Not a bit." "Great! I will make more then. See you later!"

How long have Edmund and Maarten known each other?

We had a record crop this year.


He is selling it just as it is.

I should've kept the guitar that Ricky gave me.

I am sorry that she is absent from the conference.


The trees in my garden are putting out leaves.

What could be more worthwhile?

What do you think he did?

What's your best price?

We went to see our neighbors.

Whether it rains or not, Fujita is planning to have a picnic.

None of my friends speak Latin.

We can't just leave them behind.

The tulips have begun to come up.

The secret of influencing people lies not so much in being a good talker as in being a good listener.

My brother is taking the entrance examination today.

Franklin convinces France to help Americans.

Are you sure you want to quit?

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You will never realize what I went through.

I won't be able to visit you tomorrow because I'll be busy.

Helen makes delicious cookies.

The doctor said that you should get more rest.

This is unsatisfactory.

Liz is thankful that Spudboy came to help.

Dan stormed inside a nightclub and started shooting.

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It's far from perfect.

I was embarrassed by what she said.

I read a lot of books last summer.

I did my work well.

This book isn't as heavy as that one.


I'll drive you home.

I feel very confident.

There is a sewing machine and an ironing board in the room where Dieter used to sleep.


Are you saying that our plan was accepted? I hope you're not showing me any premature happiness here.


Squirrels eat acorns.

I was in Boston three years ago.

You should allow for a few rainy days on your trip.

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Who else is in there?

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Lou doesn't have any credit cards.

At the dance, everyone raved about my gown.

I'm alone here.

It seems perfect.

It hardly ever rains here.


You're completely out of control.


You can't sell the cow and keep the milk.

I wouldn't dare to question your prowess in video games.

He wants to become a citizen.

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She did the unthinkable.

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I just opened it.

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I'm at your place.

The sun is shining brightly.

He stayed in London over a month.

As a teenager, Clyde was the number-one ranked player in his state.

Compare your sentence with the one that's on the board.

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He was dismissed of the grounds that he was idle.


I can't believe Rees is really gone.

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It's complicated.

Laurel hugged Paula and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

Your nose enters in my mouth.

Do you know any French songs?

I'm in a pretty pickle.

They say that he was in the hospital at that time.

Panacea is pretty beat up.

The document bore his signature.

I thank you very much for your help.

Why do you need such a big house?

I haven't heard from Dan in a year.

Beware of a silent dog and still water.

The boy got sick from anxiety.


Bill was killed by that man.


What did you have for dinner?

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I have not stolen it. I simply borrowed it without leave.

Ruth looked at his notepad.

Who cares whether Catherine eats egg yolks or not.

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I'll live on welfare.


Just tell me why you're really here.

His letter was so confused that I could hardly make any sense of it at all.

Where's Rhonda headed?


It is cruel to mock a blind man.

The house always wins.

I will be at home tomorrow.


Do you know what's wrong with Murat?

She had tears in her eyes.

It's important we find him.

I wish we could ask Moses to help us.

The plane landed without a problem.


I'll forgive you just this once.

Michiel went back into the kitchen.

I'll have to think about that.

What? You can't do it? You coward! Chicken!

You don't seem to be very busy.

Let's hear a story of his travels.

Playing go is my favorite pastime.


I could've died.

Please relax.

What does Bud want to be when he grows up?

I ruin everything I get my bony hands on.

Do you know Nils's boyfriend's name?

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Jimmy must love you very much.


I think you must be mistaken.

It's weird.

Kevan is in a bad mood this morning.

He's a funny man.

I like that tie.

I am considering how to settle the matter.

I wanted to show Piet how to do that.


I want to know how many people will be at the party.

It was a nice day to go to the beach.

I thought you'd like my tie.

That's up to Dion.

You overrate people.


We have made friends with Joon.